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Geothermal Energy Science An open-access journal
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Estimation and classification of geothermal potential – a global review
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07 Apr 2015
Overcoming challenges in the classification of deep geothermal potential
K. Breede, K. Dzebisashvili, and G. Falcone
Geoth. Energ. Sci., 3, 19–39,,, 2015
24 Mar 2015
Classification of geothermal resources by potential
L. Rybach
Geoth. Energ. Sci., 3, 13–17,,, 2015
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12 Mar 2015
Proposal of a consistent framework to integrate geothermal potential classification with energy extraction
G. Falcone
Geoth. Energ. Sci., 3, 7–11,,, 2015
17 Feb 2015
Geothermal resources and reserves in Indonesia: an updated revision
A. Fauzi
Geoth. Energ. Sci., 3, 1–6,,, 2015
23 Dec 2014
Assessing the prospective resource base for enhanced geothermal systems in Europe
J. Limberger, P. Calcagno, A. Manzella, E. Trumpy, T. Boxem, M. P. D. Pluymaekers, and J.-D. van Wees
Geoth. Energ. Sci., 2, 55–71,,, 2014
17 Dec 2014
Stored-heat assessments: a review in the light of field experience
M. A. Grant
Geoth. Energ. Sci., 2, 49–54,,, 2014
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